Dead Sea Salts from Israel

Murano Charms

Each 9 oz. and 18 oz. Jar of Leterre Bath Salts contain a FREE Murano Glass Charm that will fit a Pandora Bracelet or allow you to design your own silver charm bracelet . Used in Bath or Shower.

dead sea salts gifts



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62 oz Concentrated Detergent ! Includes a stain remover, fabric softener, and a whitener. Removes stains and odor including gas and oils. Stains from sports uniforms! The scent shows lemon, since our original packaging the scent has changed to a clean linen/cotton scent. Use only 1 tablespoon per wash. Two tablespoons if you have a heavy wash. You will be tempted to use more, but do not.

Safe for all types of washing machines including high efficiency. Bag will last up to 110 washes. Which is normally 3 months.

Eliminate buying: Bleach, Stain Removers, and Fabric Softeners.

One bag does it all. No strong chemical odors, helps with skin conditions.

Note: The bag in the picture shows lemon scent. That is incorrect. We are in the process of doing new labels for our packaging. The scent is a natural cotton/linen scent. 
No perfumes!