Dead Sea Salts from Israel

Murano Charms

Each 9 oz. and 18 oz. Jar of Leterre Bath Salts contain a FREE Murano Glass Charm that will fit a Pandora Bracelet or allow you to design your own silver charm bracelet . Used in Bath or Shower.

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Loofah Soap- Strawberry and Melon

Loofah Soap- Strawberry and Melon

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Loofah Soap-   3.5 oz organic soap with organic loofah inside. These loofahs have been part of our custom boxes and now are being sold individually by request. Wet loofah soap and use loofah side with amount of pressure desired for exfoliation on any area of your body or use with no loofah from the reverse side.  Will leave your body baby smooth.  Scent of strawberries, honeydew melon sprinkled with cane sugar.