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Dead Sea Salts

LeTerre is an exciting product, formulated for your BATHING or SHOWERING PLEASURE. Dead Sea salts have become famous for centuries, for their natural therapeutic ways to care for your body. Harvested from The DEAD SEA IN ISRAEL where mineral content is 33% higher than all other bodies of water. Dead Sea Salts are among the highest quality, containing more than 22 unwashed, unprocessed minerals having therapeutic benefits like no other.

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Dead sea salts are used for individuals in the treatment of skin issues such as Eczema, Dry Skin, Psoriasis, and Muscular conditions such as arthritis, rheumatism, and Fibromyalgia. All of our salts are infused with “100% Pure Essential Oils” that relaxes the mind and body. Even our coloring process is a careful formulation of “Mica Minerals”. Remember when you’re choosing a bath salt, the main ingredient must be “DEAD SEA SALT”. This ensures therapeutic benefits only Oceanic water can fulfill.


Our mineral bath salts come in many fragrances. Some of our more popular requests are: Cool Mint, Mimosa, Sweet Dreams, Honey & Vanlla, French Vanilla, Ocean Breezes, After the Rain, Eucalyptus, Chocolate, Sandalwood, Sweet as Sugar, Serenity (a foaming bath) , Zem Foaming,Bubble Gum (a foaming bath for children), and Lavender Tea milk bath. Go to our product page for a complete list of fragrances. You won’t find harsh chemicals in LeTerre bath salts. Coloring is made from Mica Minerals.