What Our Customers Have to Say


As a teenager I was unable to date or wear a bathing suit. My friends would always ask was I contagious? I have psoriasis. Since using LeTerre I now can wear sleeveless shirts , I can go swimming, and have a boyfriend. Thank You LeTerre please never go -away.

- Janet K

I will never buy bath salts anywhere else. OMG the lavender is so relaxing. Awesome company and employees.

- Happy G

My daughter has eczema and after two baths is no longer scratching and her skin is no longer raw.

- Brandy W

I wish I had known about LeTerre salts years ago when Gracie was in, and out of the hospital with skin issues. I am so happy we finally found something that gives this child relief.

- Janice R

I have been using the lavender bath salt for my eczema. One scoop is all I use and my skin clears up. When I skip a couple of days from using its right back. No more steroid creams for me love LeTerre…

- Cammie S

So in love with these products. They smell amazing and make your skin feel so soft #mynewaddiction.

- Penny W

These bath salts are awesome! Muscle Soak works great and the smell of lavender is glorious.

- Penny P

Products are all natural, in addition, my wife, and my 3 year old gets to use and she loves the pink bubble gum bath salts for her princess baths.

- Dr Thomas G

Love the eucalyptus and lavender. It made my skin feel so moisturized, and soft for several days. Can’t wait to try other scents.

- Leah J

Salt is amazing! Service Rocks.

- Donna B

Awesome products worked wonderful for my psoriasis.

- Charlotte H

Love LeTerre leaves my skin feeling hydrated and smooth for days.

- Ashlyn W

These bath salts are awesome! The muscle soak works great and the smell of Lavender is glorious! Perfect gift idea!

- Penny P

Just tried the lavender milk soak! I literally was dozing off in the tub while soaking. Another amazing product from LeTerre…

- Diane M

Love the Muscle Soak. I have knee issues and when I soak with my muscle soak it reduces my swelling. Thanks LeTerre you have a great product.

- Carolyn W

This product is AMAZING! I purchased the lavender scented to help with my psoriasis. I have it mainly on my hands. It gets severe enough to split the creases of my fingers open to where it bleeds. I used it one time although I did put a half of cup in my water. I wet my hands and rubbed salts directly on the affected areas. Amazingly after one use, the next morning the open cuts were closed! I will continue and look forward to using many different scents in these salts.

- Anonymous

Would like to tell everyone how awesome these bath salts and milk baths are! My kids have suffered with severe eczema since birth. We have tried every medication there is. The children started soaking in these salts, and not only did it make their skin soft, but there eczema started going away. I started using the milk bath and I must say it is pretty awesome! Leaves your skin even softer.

- Monica S

I love my LeTerre bath salts. They are a major part of my routine, morning and night! Although I love them all the mimosa, rose and orchid are beautifully divine fragrances. The best part is that they are therapeutic and help with the muscle stiffness and inflammation from my injuries and fibromyalgia. Thank you LeTerre for improving my quality of life.

- Rodlynn A

I love LeTerre! My sons have sensitive skin so we can't use normal kiddie bubble bath- but the Le Terre bubblegum not only gives them bubbles, but it leaves their skin soft! My husband loves the MUSCLE SOAK, and I can't even pick one favorite because I truly like them all. Right now I am working my way through the different scents, and coudn't be happier!

- E Shotwell

My daughter suffers from eczema, and we have tried prescription and over the counter creams. Nothing worked for eczema she actually had open wombs! I started using the bath salts within two weeks her skin was almost invisible of eczema. It makes your skin supersoft . Trust me you will love it.

- A Summers

I purchased the muscle soak directly on my ankle and I can't believe that it is not hurting anymore. Its almost to good to be true. I have been limping on it for about a week now. Thank You LeTerre I will spread the word.

- K Jones

LOVE❤❤❤❤THEMUSCLE SOAK!!!!!!!!! Made my back, and legs feel wonderful. I will be buying more.

- Ashlyn W


-C Higgins