Dead Sea Salts from Israel

Murano Charms

Each 9 oz. and 18 oz. Jar of Leterre Bath Salts contain a FREE Murano Glass Charm that will fit a Pandora Bracelet or allow you to design your own silver charm bracelet . Used in Bath or Shower.

dead sea salts gifts

LeTerre 5 piece Spa Gift

LeTerre 5 piece Spa Gift

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Oh la la how wonderful you will feel when you massage your back, legs, shoulder with our massaging glove with stainless steel bearings, relax with a 3 oz Sweet Dreams, 4.8 oz Bath Bomb , Shower with a  Passion lavender scented aromatherapy steamer, last we have a flower pot that opens up to a ball bearing used to roll on your temple, under your eyes for puffiness or on your neck to relieve stress....

A gift that all will enjoy.